I created the Tiny Habit Finder and a program called Integrated Coaching as a result of my own journey through change and self care, and out of frustration with the one-size-fits all / do-or-die approach used by much of the fitness and health industry today. After trying every program, book, workout and diet I could find, I finally realized that there was nothing wrong with ME. There was something wrong with the programs I was desperately trying to fit myself into!

If you're struggling with feeling like there's something wrong with you because countless programs or strategies haven't worked... I want to first tell you:

you are whole. you are capable. you are worthy and deserving of health.

Want to chat more about that revolutionary idea? I have five slots each week set aside for a 15 min call to help you find a unique and loving starting point for your journey! Just schedule it. I'll call you. We'll talk. No more self-sabotage. No more self- abuse. Just a tiny little habit that will change your life.

It’s only with your guidance and encouragement that this previously unimaginable amount of progress was made. And I’m excited to see how much better things can get! I’ll never be able to thank you enough.
— T.C. - Madison, WI