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Strength 101: Strength Hacks


Have you spent countless hours in the gym without seeing the progress you think should be there?

Are you struggling with mechanics of daily strength requirements?

Work smarter not harder! Unlock your athletic potential and quality of life with:

- Tension Drills

- Alignment Techniques

- Contractile Mapping 

- Visual Retraining

Join Lucas Koenecke, CSCS/Z Health Master Trainer and Owner of Inside Out Intelligent Training and Anne Jelinek, SFG II, Z Health Trainer and Owner of PULSE Kettlebells and Yoga for a plateau-busting workshop! You'll learn how to stay injury-free, get strong and stay strong in the gym and in your daily life.

(Recommended: Attend BRAINZ 102 event for groundwork information on the neurology of strength and performance)