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Do you have a body?

Do you want to get stronger?

More flexible? More relaxed?


Whether you’re looking to rehabilitate an injury, develop explosive strength and power or simply feel strong and grounded, then our group coaching is for you! We use kettlebells, TRX, bodyweight and neurological "hacks" to give you access to your true strength.

Our classes are small, allowing you personalized access to some of the most highly trained instructors in the Madison area at a fraction of the cost!



Class Pass $18   •   5 Class Pass $80   •   Month-to-Month Membership $99

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Movement Systems

Z-Health is a system of eye, head and joint movements to help your brain predict and coordinate movement so that you can "take the brakes off" your strength and athletic potential! Our clients have seen back pain disappear, huge gains in strength overnight and mobility appear out of nowhere! We've heard it called "voodoo"...we just call it science.

A 200-year old Russian training tool, the kettlebell is an incredibly effective way to build strength and stability from the ground up. Strong First hardstyle kettlebell programming is designed to accommodate bodies and fitness levels of all types, and our classes are created to meet you where you are. If you have injuries or conditions that you feel would be an issue, please reach out to Anne directly to determine the best path of strength for you!

We also incorporate:

Original Strength• TRX Training • Yoga • Bodyweight Groundwork

"Pulse is AWESOME! I have a young child at home and run my own business, so the classes offer me much needed time to refocus, de-stress, and do something for my own health and well-being. PULSE helps me get through the week and stay sane!"

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