It is our mission to provide clients with the tools and skills for strength of body and heart. We provide personalized programs that maximize vitality while keeping the body-mind connection intact and promoting a sense of self care and self love.

Training and Yoga Philosophy

It is our goal to provide each client and student with an experience that improves their daily life and sense of well being.  True wellness is a result of self respect, dedication and grace, honoring the needs of both the body and the mind as they arise. We recognize that individual nervous systems function uniquely and need support as such!

A healthy nervous system and neurological response to training is tantamount. We work with clients to establish a save training environment, the being with flexibility and mobility to create the foundation for strength. Strength is the foundation for endurance and power.  And we practice as such, using our bodies and appropriate tools to build proficiency in each area before moving on to the next.  That balance of movement and solidity help create a presence of mind and self that carry out into the world.

    1.    Mobility and Freedom of Movement

    2.    Stability and Flexibility in Joints

    3.    STRENGTH

    4.    Endurance and Power

May all beings be HAPPY and FREE.  And may my words, thoughts and actions contribute to that cause.

Movement Systems

Z-Health is a system of eye, head and joint movements to help your brain predict and coordinate movement so that you can "take the brakes off" your strength and athletic potential! Our clients have seen back pain disappear, huge gains in strength overnight and mobility appear out of nowhere! We've heard it called "voodoo"...we just call it science.

A 200-year old Russian training tool, the kettlebell is an incredibly effective way to build strength and stability from the ground up. Strong First hardstyle kettlebell programming is designed to accommodate bodies and fitness levels of all types, and our classes are created to meet you where you are. If you have injuries or conditions that you feel would be an issue, please reach out to Anne directly to determine the best path of strength for you!

We also incorporate:

Original Strength• TRX Training • Yoga • Bodyweight Groundwork

See what our clients are saying!

I absolutely love working out with Anne! I was afraid to work out with a personal trainer as I didn't know if they would be able to manage my limitations of a chronic back issue, but I was more than pleasantly surprised! Anne is terrific about modifying exercises so they're safe for me to do. I also love that Anne is the type of trainer that is a super cheerleader for you and encourages you even as a beginner. I was self-conscious when we started out but quickly realized that Anne didn't expect me to be a muscled up version of a Barbie doll, which I really appreciated. She's passionate about what she does and loves making a workout fun, engaging and different every time so you'll always have something new to look forward to at each session. If you're looking for a personal trainer that will truly personalize a program for you no matter what your current level of fitness or limitations are, Anne is definitely the right choice! -Erika