Hardstyle Swing & Clean Up Your Snatch!

I’ve studied a lot of human movement in the past 10 years, but the hardstyle kettlebell discipline has been my go-to protocol for building bulletproof strength in most bodies. It demands precision and attention from both the practitioner and coach and - when done correctly - is injury proof.

Countless times I’ve heard from current or potential clients “I (or someone I know) got hurt doing kettlebells with my (their) trainer,” something which raises my hackles and - frankly - pisses me off. There is absolutely no reason ANYONE should get hurt using a kettlebell (or a barbell…or a dumbell…) because the basics of kettlebell movements are primal and intrinsic to all humans! The Strong First progressions simply refine and build on those movements to help generate and focus energy through the ground, the body and the kettlebell.

Photo of Anne standing on a city street, doing a kettlebell snatch. 

Here’s the thing about this type of training: it requires patience. Many students and trainers want to skip to the swing or the snatch because they’re fun, powerful movements! Swings become dangerous quickly, however, and cleans and snatches become just a stupid decision if the foundational elements are not in place. 

Here’s the secret to a safe, powerful swing:

Get a solid hinge, solid deadlift, solid hardstyle plank in place. Get those movements coached and coached well. Be brutally honest with yourself about whether the next progression is appropriate before moving on.

And here’s the secret to a safe, powerful clean or snatch:

Get a rock solid swing, mad grip and uninhibited shoulder range of motion.

I’m teaching a workshop on September 26th to dial in the basics of the hardstyle swing for clients, coaches and anyone who wants to play safely with the awesomeness that is a kettlebell. We’ll go through progressions from the ground up to get you started or make you 100% more powerful in your current iteration.

On October 17th, I’m teaching a workshop on cleans and snatches. We’ll review the important pieces of the hardstyle swing and take that to the next level with ways to create power and tame that power. No more bruising, no more shoulder injuries and LOTS of new ways to develop your grip and your cardiovascular capacity!

If you’re a CrossFit athlete, a TriAthlete, a Marathon Desk Jockey or a Toddler Relay Champion, the swing workshop is for YOU. If you’ve taken the swing workshop (or have a rock solid swing) the clean and snatch workout is for YOU. This is for trainers to learn to better help their clients, moms to better keep their bodies healthy and strong, athletes to maximize their athletic potential. 

CLICK HERE to sign up, to reach out to Anne with questions or just to learn more!!