Three EASY Steps Toward Mindful Eating

Mindful eating is a funny thing. It's this play between "I'm accepting the moment as it is" and "I want something to change." Most of us choose to change our eating habits because we want to change out bodies but, at its roots, mindfulness is a process of developing complete acceptance of what is, right now. Oh the irony...

My first foray into Mindful Eating was terrible, because I thought it meant sitting down to every meal with a candle lit, noticing every bite that went into my mouth and feeling every feeling that drove by. For an eating disordered headcase, that was TERRIBLE. So I broke it down into easier pieces.

Here are three quick ways to play with Mindful Eating without making yourself crazy:

1. Just notice that you're eating. A few times during the meal or snack notice, "I'm eating ______." THAT has been enough to pull me out of an emotional or mindless eating jag more than once and is a great practice when you are required to eat on the go.

2. Leave 2-3 bites on your plate. Just take the small step of not quite finishing your food. It's OK. You have permission to throw it away. You might be surprised how powerful this is.

3. Take 3 breaths. Before you eat. After you eat. Take three breaths just to mark the beginning and ending of the meal or snack...or binge. Seriously. Making a binge a conscious choice is one of the most powerful steps you can take.

I'm leading a three hour workshop in November to help you find ways to make the holidays a mindful, positive experience of food and others. Come hang out! No one will be turned away for lack of funds, and I so appreciate the help in keeping these types of programs running.