Stability, Spaciousness...and Rest: Is Pre and PostNatal Yoga for You? - A guest post from Nina Santos Laubach

Pregnancy (including both prenatal and postnatal!) and yoga can be a wonderful combination. Yoga can provide a gentle way of reducing pregnancy related discomfort, as well as helping to maintain or re-awaken pre-pregnancy strength and mobility. Yoga also offers a practice of restoration and rest from the tensions and anxieties that may arise physically and emotionally during these special nine months and beyond. If you're wondering if a prenatal class is for you, consider the following:

  • You don't have to be pregnant! In fact, I have had some students taking gentler forms of yoga prior to being pregnant in order to allow their body to become accustomed to modifications and props, with anticipation that they would like to continue their practice even during pregnancy.  Also, many of the aches and pains of the body persist well past birth so yoga after birth is great to help the post-natal body transition after the nine months of pregnancy. 
  • Stability First. The amount of hormones in a pregnant body increases as the body prepares for birth.  These hormones remain in the body well past the birth itself, and some of these hormones known as relaxin contribute to greater joint laxity (looseness), and often result in an increased perception of flexibility. With this increase comes a greater risk for overstretching or moving past your body's healthy range of motion -- this is one of the reasons why back and hip pain, repetitive wrist and arm injuries during nursing (I had this!), and neck pain are common surrounding pregnancy. For any yoga practice during pregnancy, cultivating stability, especially in the pelvis and shoulder girdle, will be beneficial. 
  • Spaciousness. Pregnant bellies take up room. Yoga is a wonderful practice to find spaciousness in the various postures, whether in standing or on the floor. Many of the poses can be modified to accommodate the need for space, whether using props or adjusting how far you move into poses. With spaciousness comes ease and relief from everyday habits of tension and anxiety -- regardless of whether they are related to pregnancy or simply from your everyday life.  
  • Before, during, and after pregnancy -- all great opportunities to move your body in gentle but varied ways through asana (postures). Yoga helps to reset the whole body, including the nervous system -- the resulting relaxed and spacious body corresponds and feeds forward to a calm and peaceful mind.

Finally: it's often also wonderful to share the experience of pregnancy in community with others! So come join us:


Prenatal Yoga with Nina Santos Laubach

  • Saturday, November 14, 2015
  • 12:00 - 2:00pm
  • $35/person