REVOLUTION not Resolutions

Every year, I see clients, students and teachers making dedications to massive changes in their lives. There is a deep sadness around this for me, as so many of these friends and colleagues make resolutions rooted in the idea that there is something intrinsically wrong or broken about them.

I feel so grateful to have a brick and mortar location this year from which I can stand and shout: THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU!

Are there changes that would decrease your suffering? Or ease the suffering of those around you? Bring more joy and light to the world? Of course! But you cannot, by losing weight or being more productive, increase your intrinsic value.

You are 100% as amazing as you will ever be RIGHT NOW. In THIS moment! I  would offer that any changes or additions you make to your life should serve to allow that light to simply shine brighter.

I have decided that my hope - my way to ease suffering and share light - for this year is rest. This year I am anti-resolving to undertake no major business moves, certifications or life changes that are not healing. I will invest myself in what I have started to grow. I will care for myself deeply and with purpose.

At PULSE, we’re resolving to offer you the same opportunity.

We promise that this January, you will receive no weight loss, "getting in shape" or dieting messaging from us. We promise to offer you the chance to nurture yourself deeply in classes, workshops and from home. Grow in strength and grace. Create a foundation for 2015 that revolves around authenticity and willingness to show up.

Share your light with the world, dear friends. 2015 is going to be a bright one.