Perfect French Press Coffee

Can I just say how much the quality of my life has increased since I figured out how to make French Press coffee that doesn’t taste like two-day old burned Starbucks?
I’ve been through three iterations of drip coffee makers, a Keurig and a World Market FRENCH PRESS COFFEE MAKER in my drinkin’ years.



What French Press does NOT =
⦁    caffeine at your fingertips (Keurig)
⦁    caffeine as an alarm clock (programmable drip)

French Press DOES =
⦁    Fragrant
⦁    Delicate
⦁    Cathartic

1. Mark it 8 (ok..12)
Use a permanent marker to note the 12oz mark on your French Press (or 24 oz mark if you have to share.)  Seem silly – but this has saved me MANY an under or overbrewed cup of coffee first thing in the morning.

2. Boil Water (almost)
Three words: Use. A. TeaKettle.  When you hear the kettle START to whistle juuuuust a teensy bit, pull it off the heat. Microwave only if under extreme duress.  Heat the water to boiling, and remove from the death machine.

3. Bump and Grind
In the 30-60 seconds it takes your water to go from boiling to juuuust the right coffee brewing temperature, grind your beans.  COARSELY.  I do 6-8 pulses with my grinder.
What’s that you say?  You can get pre-ground beans?  RESIST, I say!!!  Fresh beans ground to the right French Press consistency actually do make a difference!

4. Stir and Steep
Pour the water slowly over the grinds.  (I like to make big SLOW loopy circles — but highly doubt this affects the taste.)  Then STIR.  Using a chopstick or spoon, stir the grinds into the hot water for 5-10 seconds or until you get a little foam. 

Steep from 4-6 minutes depending on your COFFEE ROAST  I do my flavored/light roasts for 6… and a French Roast for baaaaarely 4.5 as I value my teeth.

5. Heat the Mug + Pour
While that’s doing it’s thing, I pour remaining hot water from the kettle into and the mug I plan to use and let it heat while my coffee steeps.  When you’re coffee’s done… just DEPRESS the plunger (no.  it doesn’t have Zoloft) and pour into your warm mug!

I usually add 1-2 Tbs of Organic Half and Half (if there’s more than “milk” and “cream” in the ingredient lists, it’s no longer food, people) and sip slowly!