Why Yoga?

This article was published in Training and Fitness Magazine in January 2014 IMG_1177

For those who pursue strength and fitness as a lifestyle, the idea of surrender often looms as something foreign or frightening. We teach our bodies to push through barriers and our minds to block discomfort as we chase new levels of ability.

Yoga, on the other hand, asks us to feel uncomfortable, notice barriers that arise without blasting through them, and accept the healing of wounds that we’d often rather not admit to. And while the message is distinctly different from that inundating the fitness industry, the end result of simply allowing the possibility of that path can mean a new relationship with your body and its ability to build strength and surrender deeply.

Why Yoga? Yoga intimately touches upon the connections between body, brain, and drives.  By strengthening that connection, you can experience greater flexibility and less chaos in the gym and in your daily life...

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