Release Expectations and Open Your Heart: 30 min Flow Yoga

January is a time each year filled with expectations and a whole lot of "shoulds," even in the yoga community.

And, in my experience, the preconceived ideas of how things "should" be is what causes miscommunication, frustration and human suffering at large.  We - especially as Americans - have a very deep rooted belief that things "should" be better than they are, and when they aren't, we are left with frustration and dissatisfaction.

I would put forth the idea that we release (or at least hold very lightly) the expectations, resolutions and shoulds.  This year, can we open our hearts to what is arising in each moment?  

I spent last year learning from a beautiful teacher the gift of "now": the present moment's unadulterated beauty in presence, and this practice is designed to open the front of the body - psoas, quads, pec major and minor - and the energy of openness and acceptance.  And I would offer up as intention my mantra for this year: This Moment Only.