30 min Beginning Yoga Flow

I'll keep this short and sweet:  I really like November's focus on gratitude.  And despite a very chaotic and uprooting couple of months, I am experiencing waves upon waves of gratitude for the friends, family, clients and colleagues who have supported me in all my adventures and "learning opportunities" (we're not calling them failures...) As a "THANK YOU!" to each one of you, here's a 30 min beginning flow yoga sequence to start or end your day with energy and love.  Feel free to download or watch on your  mobile device as you travel to celebrate with friends and family this season. (Here's to a new video camera and audio equipment appearing magically in my Christmas stocking and much more content to come!)

Watch below or click here!

November 2013 Beginning Flow Yoga from PULSE Kettlebells and Yoga on Vimeo.