PULSE On the Road: Part 3: Alaska Days 6-7

When we left off, we had tackled Juneau and the dessert bar, taken the train to new heights, and frozen our butts off... Ships Log: Day 6: Ketchikan

At dinner the night before, we asked the very nice young man in a nautical uniform who was circling the dining room and chatting people up (still not sure what his job actually was..) what to do in Ketchikan.  Much to Brian's dismay, he recommended a hike!


(Backstory: This poor guy cannot go on vacation with me without being dragged up and down at least one VERY steep hill.  And usually there's some kind of weather or navigation error that causes a near disaster.)

After much, "can we, can we, can we????" he agreed to another workout and - when we got off the boat - we hopped a cab to the Deer Mountain Trail.  (Yes. A cab. It was a LONG hill through the city to hike a long hill in the woods and I was saving my legs.  Verdict: Worth it.)

IMG_3997It was beautiful!  A 3 mile out-and-back ... well, up and down, really... this hike rewarded aching lungs with amazing rainforest views and beautiful vistas.  We loved the opportunity to get out in the fresh air, away from all the tourist shops and restaurants and just see a little bit of what we felt was the real Alaska.  I am now fully committed to going backpacking up there some day.



I did a little shopping (and found a new friend)      IMG_4033and we just chilled the rest of the day!

Ship's Log: Day 7: Cruisin' on Home

The last day, we just spent hanging out.  At one point, we were both even a little bored, although after a week of frantic packing and a week of sightseeing, it was rather welcome.

We did hit the gym for one last workout!  Back to basic dumbbell strength training since the gym didn't have a pull up bar or much floor space, which felt weird and great.


Lat Pull Downs + Bent Over Rows

Dumbbell Chest Presses + ... oh crap I can't remember now...

Military Presses + Push Ups

Heel Drops/Leg Lowers + V-Ups

Unilateral Oblique Crunches + Bicycle Crunches

That night, after a particularly "oh god I'm gonna pop" dinner, we just walked the deck for about an hour.  We saw a mama and baby orca (SHAMU!!!) as well as a pod of dolphins that was oddly announced by fish throwing themselves out of the water to avoid the impending danger.  It was a beautiful night and really special to just spend time together watching the water and the animals.

The next morning, we got into port and wrangled expedited disembarkation.  BOMB, by the way if you can get up early.

We grabbed our car at the hotel (the Holiday Inn North Vancouver, which I HIGHLY recommend. The BEST customer service I have ever encountered.) and B registered for classes using their business center before we hopped in the van and drove to the edge of Washington, where we spent the night in Liberty Lake (which I do NOT highly recommend.)

In the next episode: We find Huckleberry Shakes!!!