How to Take a Healthy Road Trip

We're road tripping to Canada... Cruising through Alaska... then road tripping from Canada to Wisconsin to start a few years there as PULSE hubby goes to law school and business school.  I am SO looking forward to starting up an eCoaching and video side to my business, rekindling a relationship with Steep and Brew Coffee and to just *being* despite all the changes and upheaval. I've spent a lot of time learning about how to keep myself feeling balanced and centered when we travel... here are a few!

1. Support your immune and nervous system

I take Probiotics (usually my Advocare brand but I ran out) every morning anyway...but I'm hyper vigilant about it when we travel. (earmuffs! : it helps things stay regular on a very irregular schedule...)  I also take a B Vitamin every afternoon when I tend to hit my lull - usually a Cortico B5-B6 from Metagenix for adrenal support, but I picked this up from Sprouts today to hold me over.  I also take a powdered Vitamin C supplement and a scoop of Amazing Grass Greens Powder with my probiotics in the morning!


2. Eat green food.  Then eat some protein.

For road trips, I always make sure we stop at a grocery store to stock up the cooler with pre-made salads, easy protein and happy snacks.  (a McDonald's salad... is NOT a salad in my book...)  Makes for a great chance to picnic when we find somewhere pretty, and I'm not stuck on a blood sugar roller coaster while sitting still next to a bunch of gummy bears.

Found these pre-made salads and great little hummus cups at Sprouts today too, along with greek yogurts and raw almonds...


3.  MOVE every day... even just a little...

My big mistake on our trip from DC to CA was not prioritizing exercise.  Here's a 5 min (or however long, just repeat)  interval workout you can do in your motel room, parking lot, McDonald's drive through (BE THE CHANGE!) if you don't want to drag a 16 kg kettlebell in your car.  (who me?)

  • 30 sec jump rope or jumping jacks / 30 sec rest
  • 30 sec push ups / 30 sec rest
  • 30 sec squats or jump squats / 30 sec rest
  • 30 sec plank / 30 sec rest
  • 30 sec jump rope or mountain climbers / 30 sec rest

When my stylist asked me this past week about how I stayed healthy when we travel, I thought about it for a minute, because our last cross-country move... wasn't so healthy.  I drank a LOT of Diet Coke and ate a LOT of 100 Calorie Snack Packs.  I didn't sleep...didn't work out... and got to CA feeling awful.

My goal this time around is:

  • Workout/sweat 3x /week and move every day for at least 20 minutes
  • Eat or drink something green with every meal
  • Set up a bedtime routine (melatonin, shower, book chapter works well for me) to help me sleep despite a weird schedule

How do you stay healthy when you travel???