PULSE Training Philosophy

I was reminded by an RKC team mate and friend, Trish McCrumb of CrossFit Palo Alto, of the importance of a well developed training philosophy.  As a professional and coach... how can we lead without a mission? As an athlete, how can we improve without a method? This went up in the "ABOUT" section of the PULSE website today, and I think it may be the most important part of my website to anyone looking for training or coaching.  Sometimes we use kettlebells.  Other times, our own body weight.  Sometimes it's about just being still for a bit.  But all of those doings or un-doings boil down to a core belief that we deserve

RKC Kettlebells

a healthy body and mind.

"Training Philosophy

It is my goal to provide each of my clients and students with a program that creates sustainable results while improving their daily lives and sense of well being.  True wellness

is a result of self respect, dedication and grace, honoring the needs of both the body and the mind as they arise.

Flexibility and mobility create the foundation for strength. Strength is the foundation for endurance and power.  And we train as such, using our bodies and appropriate tools to build proficiency in each area before moving on to the next.  That balance of movement and solidity help create a presence of mind and self that carry out into the world.

  1. Mobility and Freedom of Movement
  2. Stability and Flexibility in Joints
  4. Endurance and Power

May all beings be HAPPY and FREE.  And may my words, thoughts and actions contribute to that cause."

Take some time today - whether you are a teacher, coach, athlete or weekend warrior - and decide : What is my philosophy?  How do I want to accomplish my goals?  And what personal beliefs positively affect my ability to dedicate myself to those goals?