Gentle Spring Detox

1162570_teapotSpring is a great time to detox physically and mentally, get rid of old habits (and clothes!) that no longer fit our new lifestyles.  So spend some time cleaning house...and deciding what you want in your life now that there is space!  More strength?  More grace?  Just more space?  Try a 7-10 Detox Period as we step into spring and see just how much is possible when we commit to letting go!

1. Eliminate foods and drinks that are sapping you of energy and clogging up your system.  For most people, this means wheat and processed grains, dairy and dairy products, coffee and energy drinks and all forms of processed sugar and artificial sweeteners.  You may also want to drink detoxifying teas, such as Yogi Detox or Dandelion Root tea, and add an extra fiber supplement to aid in cleansing.

2. Decrease or eliminate sources of toxic stress.  Some forms of stress (such as exercise) can be beneficial.  But there is stress in our life that we choose to include that is draining you, such as toxic relationships, unnecessary deadlines, junky TV, physical clutter and self judgment.  Decide to gently and lovingly cut out what no longer serves you.

3. Twist, Fold and Invert.  A yoga practice that includes lots of standing and supine twists, in conjunction with forward folds and a few inversions will help clear both physical toxins from the internal organs and built up emotional energy locked in the heart and the gut. Try the following yoga series with an appropriate warm up and cool down:

4. Refill the Well.  Identify the nourishing things that you want in your body in your life - and start adding them!  Add brightly colored fruits and vegetables, lots of filtered water and green tea.  Find time for the people that leave you uplifted.  Practice yoga and meditation.  In the weeks and months following your detox, choose one thing at a time to add lovingly to your life.