Heart Healthy Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Not sure what to get your sweetheart for Valentine's Day this year?  For the sake of your loved one's blood sugar and your reputation as a gift giver... consider skipping the box of chocolates and opting for something that will keep their heart pumping for a long time!

  • Heart Pumping PULSE Gift Certificates!  Email us with your desired package and we'll send a personalized gift certificate for our heart pumping kettlebell classes or heart melting yoga one-on-one sessions in Sunnyvale.  We'll even special order PULSE t-shirts to go with the certificate if you want a little something extra!
  • A Day's Worth of Heart Healthy Meals.  They say a man (or woman's!) heart is through the stomach... here's a whole day of healthy eats that say I love you.  (I'd take food over jewelry any day...)
  • A POLAR Heart Rate Monitor.  Help your loved one increase their athletic potential, track calories burned and make the most of their workouts.  I have an FT40 and LOVE IT.  Dare I suggest a PINK! one?

Leave us a note and let us know what creative ideas you have for your loved one this Valentine's Day!