Yoga for Peace and Holiday Love

We talk about the holidays as a time for giving back, a time for taking in, a time for slowing or speeding up or just breaking down... what if this holiday, season, you dedicated a little time each day to cultivating a peaceful and loving heart?

Yoga Practice and Meditation for the Holidays

Sitting quietly, bring to mind a person or group of people to whom you wish you dedicated your practice.  It may arise as you move and breathe.  Or you may have a family member or cultural group to whom you wish you reach out.

5 Breaths, inhaling and exhaling unconditional love

5 breaths, inhaling and exhaling universal peace

Downward Facing Dog : Silently inhale the word "Love" and exhale "To All"

Cobra : Silently inhale the word "Peace" and exhale "To All"

Low Lunge with Arms and Heart Open : Imagine taking in all the Love you possibly can into your heart center.  Repeat on the other side.

Hero's Pose with Arms Out : Imagine sending out from your palms all that Love to those around the world who feel neglected, unloved or abandoned

Child's Pose with Palms Open : Seeking out and letting go of hurt, resentment and anger

Bridge Pose or Wheel Pose: Picturing the Heart open wide and taking in complete peace

Reclining Bound Angle : Sending out love, hope and even forgiveness if need be

Cradle Rock : Picturing yourself cradled in Love, Acceptance and in complete Peace

Savasana: Take 5-10 breaths, imagining every cell in your body is filled with soft light

Coming back up to sit, place your hands face up on your knees and bring back to mind the person or people who you dedicated your practice to.  Picture their faces and their voices.  Bring them into the room with you.  And with each breath, send them the freedom from fear, complete and perfect love, and an overwhelming sense of peace.

Close with one Om.

Shanti.  Shanti.  Shanti.

Happy Holidays.