Halloween Weight Loss Tips

Here's the deal : you're probably going to eat some candy this coming week, right?  (Who me?! Yes. I see you with that mini snicker behind your back...)  And you may go to a party with vampire punch and batty amounts of junk food lying in wait (yes. I went there.) image

Here are a few ways to keep Halloween from breaking the bank while still enjoying the fun season ahead:

1. Buy candy for trick-or-treaters that you don't like.  Much less likely to chow the leftovers if you hate Mars Bars. (Nougat = Ew)

2. Eat protein regularly.  At 3 pm, the candy corn on that Secretary's desk is going to look like the answer to World Hunger if you skipped protein at lunch.  Keep your blood sugar level to keep sugar cravings in check.

3. Eat mindfully. Love Reeses? SLOWLY savor every single peanut buttery bite of the mini cup in your hands and give your brain the chance to register that you enjoyed a treat and don't need another.

4. Freeze it.  Keep candy off the counters and in the freezer.  You'll have to go looking for it specifically and eat it slowly if it's in the Siberia of candy jars.

5. Plan ahead.  Decide now how many drinks and what kind of snacks you'd like to have...enjoy them thoroughly...and have some green  veggie juice first thing tomorrow :)

Life isn't about restrictions or diets - it's about making happy balanced choices that leave your body in harmony and your mind at peace.

Spooky way to plan meals after years of calorie counting, isn't it?