Kettlebell and Yoga Class Schedule in Sunnyvale!

PULSE Cake This week, PULSE celebrated it's official launch party!  CUE THE CONFETTI!

I got to spend some time with my coach, Swing Queen and the author of the life changing book The Swing, Tracy Reifkind AND my RKC comrade and trainer extraordinaire, Joe Pessano! (Wondering what my vision is or need a trainer in Burlingame? Check out his gym Park Road Fitness...mind = blown.)

We had clients, friends, family, colleagues and professionals from all walks of life together doing yoga and celebrating fitness -- and it was amazing.

As part of the festivities, 2 hours of Personal Shopping with Straight Forward Styling, a yoga mat and a kettlebell also made their way into the hands of attendees!!


Because I can't say it enough --  Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to all the people that gave their time, unconditional love and lots of sweat to make PULSE a possibility.  I am eternally grateful.


Client Gift Bags

In their gift baggies... everyone who came walked away with our new Sunnyvale Kettlebell and Yoga Fall 2012 GROUP CLASS SCHEDULE!  I currently have 6 classes on the calendar during the week - but I'm definitely open to suggestions, requests and demands for different times and offerings  :)  It's an easy trip for anyone in Santa Clara, Mountain View or even Palo Alto!

Check out the website TODAY to learn about how you can hop in on our current classes :

Cast Iron Pulse : 50 min of RKC Based Kettlebell Strength and Conditioning Foundations of Vinyasa Yoga : Learn to flow in a welcoming, beginner-friendly class Cast Iron Flow : 30 min Kettlebell Conditioning + 30 min Vinyasa Flow PULSE Conditioning : 50 min of speed/strength using bodyweight, TRX and more

I'm keeping class sizes to a maximum of 5 people for now and it's on a drop-in basis! For just $25/class or $100 for 5 classes, you'll get personalized attention and a killer workout with no stress or huge financial commitment.  Because the class sizes are small, you DO have to register in advance and PLEASE give me 24 hours notice if you can't make it.

Peace of chocolate cake. (typo intentional)