A Quick Gratitude Meditation

I just typed up a big ass paragraph about life that sounded really nice.  But it was kind of boring. Here's the long and short of it:  Get grateful.  Find just a split freakin' second of  unadulterated thanks for the amazing blessings in your life and watch the other stuff get a little less intense.

I often end my yoga classes with this practice and highly recommend it when shit gets sticky :

  • Take a comfortable seated position and place the hands together at the heart.  Close your eyes.
  • Take a deep breath in.  A long breath out. And picture something you are intensely grateful for.
  • Notice the sensations in the body and the movement of the breath created by that sense of thanks.
  • Take three breaths into the belly, breathing in gratitude and, with the out breath, sending those sensations and feelings to someone who may need it more than you... or just letting go to make room for more.
  • Open the eyes slowly and notice how your outlook may have changed.

Yesterday, I was intensely grateful for a friend and colleague.  Today, I am intensely grateful for my current schedule.

And for this:

V8 Fusion Sparkling

Yes.  That is an Athleta bag, a PIIIIINK glass water bottle to replace the horrid aluminum (I know) one I'm using, some body wash that makes me want to lick the bottle and some GLITTER nail polish along with yummy fruit drinks!  Hi, Lori.  I love you.  (but you knew that)

I am STUPIDLY grateful that I've gotten strong enough to load up and do a workout with double 16 kg kettlebells!  (it's blurry. shut up.  that was swing number one billion and photo #5 and I was TOAST but wanted proof.)  Workout coming soon!

And I am also deliriously grateful to these girls for reminding me that gratitude is always the answer ...

What Runs Lori



What are you grateful for today?