Beginner Kettlebell Recommendations

Friends and family from all over the country have been asking me about this crazy workout I do and how they can do it too!  Love them for supporting my insanity... ;) Kettlebells are a huge part of my life and my career and I am always so excited to share them, but for those that are too far away to take a class with me in Campbell, I usually tackle the following questions about how to start training with kettlebells:

**Please consult your doctor before starting any new exercise routine and be sure to get screened for muscle and structural imbalances before performing ballistic exercise.**

What size kettlebell should I use?  What brand is best?

Unless there is an injury, medical issue or other special consideration, most women start with an 8 kg kettlebell or - if they are fairly conditioned - a 12 kg kettlebell.

Again -- unless there is a special consideration, most men will need a 16 kg kettlebell to start, 20 kg if you're well conditioned.

If in doubt...start with the lighter bell, do higher volume and start saving for the bigger bell as you'll gain strength *quickly!*

Apollo kettlebells are widely available in retail stores across the states, but if you want the "industrial grade" bells and are planning on doing some serious high-volume work, Dragon Door is the way to go.

Do I need a trainer to start using kettlebells?

In a word : Yes.  While there are great videos available, there are so many variables when it come to the human body.  You could have injuries or imbalances that you don't even know about, and a certified kettlebell instructor will be able to point those issues out, help clean them up if properly certified and equipped to do so, and/or refer you to an appropriate medical professional.

I'm sure you've heard "kettlebells are dangerous."  The truth is -- kettlebells (like guns) aren't dangerous.  People are dangerous.  A personal trainer who is unqualified to instruct ballistic movements or the Do-It-Yourself-er who shuns professional help can cause serious injury.

In the right hands, kettlebells are an incredible effective tool to rehab injuries, transform bodies and train for serious athletic performance.

My recommendation: even if you can't afford full-time personal training, hunt down an RKC instructor and have them teach you the basics.  $200 in training  is a lot cheaper than a $2,000 in physical therapy bills...

What are the best kettlebell videos for beginners?

That said -- Sometimes there just isn't an instructor available.  In that case, DO NOT TURN TO YOUTUBE OR JILLIAN MICHAELS.   "YouTube Certified" (thanks, Mark!) is a dangerous place...

Here are a couple of videos that I recommend to friends and clients in far away places:

  • Enter The Kettlebell: Pavel is - quite simply- THE MAN.  I own this book, but the DVD would be a great way for you to tackle movements 'beyond' the swing, like the press, clean and get up.   I LOVE this protocol because you build such functional strength SUPER quickly.


If you're  looking for an effective, efficient way to train for power, strength and fat loss -- kettlebells are your answer!  If you have any questions about kettlebell training or how to get started, please shoot me an email, leave a comment or give me a call.  I get SO. EXCITED. talking about how much this tool has changed my body and my outlook on life and would love to chat!

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