Get a Life.

SO.  why I haven't written in a LONG. TIME.  ready?

I love fitness. But it's not my entire life.

I've been threatening to pierce my neck and get an OM symbol tatooed on my forearm, and I'm starting to think I feel the need to prove to myself who I am.  But maybe that doesn't require needles and ink.  Maybe that just means a few more yoga classes and a few more beers alongside my kale and lentils.

Fitness and health are my job and have been - for years - my hobby.  But fitness and the business thereof has slowly become the majority of my social life, my marital conversations and my thinking process.

While I feel blessed to have my passion as my work -- I miss a lot of my old life.

I miss really good music. 

Mason Jennings > Britney Spears 'Spin Remix of World Ends' by an order of 1,000,000,000

I miss dark and microbrew beer. 

seriously... the low cal/low carb stuff is CRAP.

I miss staying out late. 

I love getting my sweat on Saturday mornings..just can't stay up past 11 pm on Fridays...

I miss cute shoooooes. 

my poor feet hate my beautiful beautiful stilettos


And instead of making fitness goals for April - as was my original plan - I am setting a goal of being me again.  I will wear jeans and concert t-shirts instead of Nike Dri-Fit and New Balance Minimus.  I will hit up Edna's yoga class instead of beating my head against a grind workout I feel like I should tackle.

I'll write up a few workouts.  And blog a few recipes.  But I'll probably talk about MUSIC.  and life. and other stuff that is important to me ...speaking of which...

Looking for some new music?

My friend Korey and I hit up the Independent tonight to see Dry the River

and The Bowerbirds

after I heard Dry the River on NPR and was immediately obsessed.  It was exactly what I've been missing.  Standing, listening to the raw edges of a guitar with a beer in my hand...leaning against the wall because you can feel the bass better.   So I came home, passed up the Michelob Ultra for the Stone Ruination in the fridge... and started writing.

because it's about time I get a life.