Castlerock State Park

B's parents were in town last weekend so we took them out to Castle Rock State Park for a hike (after boot camp.  Mom's a trooper!  Brian's swearing to make my life miserable...)

It was chilly and foggy and eerie for the first mile or so, but toward the middle of the loop (don't ask.  I have no idea what trail we actually took... Goat Rock Something) the sun burst through the clouds and we were able to see the Santa Cruz Mountains in all their glory.

It was an incredible hike.  Beautiful.  Sweaty.  Goofy.   :)

5 miles or so ... a few hills... just cool enough to be comfortable...

(I have to insert here that before this hike I taught boot camp ...  then rocked a 100 Snatch + 20 Pull Up workout with some squats and core and balance thrown in for fun.)

Best of all -- just good family time spent outdoors!