re-learning zen

This last week was a doozy. After spending 16 hours on my feet (and hands, and knees, and butt, and back and...) at the EKG Cert Workshop Monday was a rough start.

It went downhill from there... sort of.

On Tuesday, I tripped over my laptop cord and broke the power source connection thingy.  This ensued:

On Wednesday, I was #3 in a 5-Car Pileup on 85 South on my way to work.  Car is reparable.  I am OK.

Smart phone flew up against the dash and the prognosis is NOT so bueno.

Also - in said pile up - a fuse blew, leaving me with no radio and no clock in my car.

I could go on, because the crap stories keep coming (seriously.  worst week ever.  not joking.)

... but that's not the point of this story.

 i've cursed a lot and cried a few times out of sheer frustration.  but I've also gotten a sense of quiet.

  • No Gmail notice on my phone every 5 minutes... so I am able to work. and stop working.
  • No idea what time it is when I'm driving... so no rushing to beat the clock.
  • No one telling me horror stories about the economy on NPR ... so I get to hear my own thoughts.
  • No unlimited laptop access... so I work on Brian's in small amounts, and shut down when I need to.

Despite all the ups and downs of work and life and technology and family and more ... life seems a little calmer.

My laptop is back up and running.

I'm taking my phone to the Sprint store next week.

And I might just wait a while to get the radio and clock fixed in my car.