Evolution Kettlebell Groundwork

Last weekend, Sheri Covey and I were fortunate enough to attend the Evolution Kettlebell Groundwork Certification Workshop at Wolf Fitness Systems in Salinas, California.

You can read Sheri's recap of the awesomeness that ensued here!  It includes video footage of me doing weird shit with heavy-ish weights and some great pictures from the weekend.  (seriously.  #clickthelink)

  1. I'm off kilter. I have been working around some pretty serious muscle imbalances in my hips for a LONG. TIME.  I was amazed at how quickly I was able to identify weak and/or overtight muscles with just a few quick movements from the bodyweight series of movements.
  2. There is more than one way to swing a kettlebell.  After years of ballistic strength and conditioning work, it was eye opening and refreshing to apply kettlebells to an entirely new system of movements.  It was like putting Power Yoga and RKC training together!!
  3. I'm really blessed by other people's talent.  I was surrounded by some amazing athletes all weekend --  the Wolf Pack was encouraging and knowledgeable, working side by side with Sheri was motivating and team building, and John's teaching skills were out of this world!

If you can't make it over to work out with us or John, pick up his DVD and get to work!!  It's been a phenomenal addition to my clients' mobility and strength training, and has been a glorious change in pace for me as I train for RKC (and think one more snatch might push me over the edge some weeks)

Here's to new stuff!!