YAR! Avast ye landlubbers...

Happy Halloween!!

Yesterday was fabulous... as is ANY day that ends in rocking the pirate digs with a roguish captain!

Before we set sail, I ran boot camp and I hosted a baby shower for a gal pal who has her own, built-in pumpkin to carry around!  We did crafts instead of games, which was really fun.  Painted onsies and wrote letters to the baby and mom.  SO much better than sniffing candy bar diapers or trying to drink out of baby bottles... :)

Worked off shower sugar with a beast of a workout

  • 2 mile run
  • Barbell Squat + Push Up Warm Up
  • Heavy Clean + Press
  • Wall Balls + Plank Ups w/ Tricep Push Up
  • Pull Ups + Tricep Extensions
  • ABS!

Took all that good ju ju and hit up an *amazing* Halloween Party with a drunken monkey... and his stuffed toy (heh.)  The hostess had gone ALL. OUT. on the decorations and I was seriously creeped out walking through the back yard haunted house.

Got to enjoy a little pumpkin ale and some good friends.  Until 10 pm when my sea legs gave out from fatigue.  DAMN, I'm getting old.

Started this morning with a killer power yoga class and breakfast at Hobbees with an awesome friend. I am insanely grateful for her awesome perspective and wise words.

I am also insanely grateful for Hobbees Huevos Rancheros with Tomatilla Salsa.  #ridiculous

Happy Sunday!