The Four Hour Body

I started reading Tim Ferris' Four Hour Body after an amazing experience at Girya Kettlebell studios in Palo Alto, CA. Tracy and Mark Reifkind are kind of kettlebell celebrities and I have the amazing opportunity to take classes with them (on the rare Saturday that I'm not teaching boot camp, throwing a baby shower, Yoga-ing for Hope, or out of town... GAH!)

Tracy was featured in the Four Hour Body after losing more than 100 lbs with just 20 min kettlebell workouts a few times per week, paired with a healthy low-glycemic diet and enough wiggle room to keep her sane.  Her workouts are killer and her body is a powerhouse.  She's kinda my hero... right after Jen Meehan.

So after training to run 13.1 miles and gaining 1.5 pounds (LORD HELP ME) I figured it was time for a new approach : Less is more. Less sugar.  Less time in the gym.  Less time in the kitchen.

Enter The Four Hour Body.

Some of this shit is crazy.  Ice baths for fat loss.  Training to live off 2 hours of sleep/day.  A supplement regimen I can't in good faith follow.    But some of it is super applicable and I'm excited!

What I'm taking away from it --

  • Measure your results. I'll be doing weight/body fat percentage + waist / hip measurements each week and (sometimes) doing a photo food journal
  • Remove the Luxury of Choice. I will make huge recipes and eat pretty much the same thing each day to eliminate the chance of an almond butter sandwich for both breakfast and lunch when I'm too tired to think.
  • Eat More Protein. My protein consisted primarily of legumes and nuts - which means that a HUGE portion of my diet was starch and fat.  I'm leaning on eggs, canned salmon and tuna (CHEAP!) and the occasional fish filet for at least 2 meals/day.
  • Limited Grains or Fruit. I'm modifying here.  Tim says no grains or fruit.  I say one bowl of steel cut oats and one piece of fruit per day.
  • Quit Working out So Much. I have dropped my spin + cardio classes and am committing to 3 high-volume swing/snatch workouts = 1 sprint workout per week for cardio, 3 heavy  strength workouts per week and at least 3 yoga sessions.
  • Take a Cheat Day. Based on the concept that no one can eat 100% clean forever and a cheat is going to happen anyway, Tim recommends setting aside one high-calorie "cheat" day to both kick your metabolism up a notch and keep you sane.

So basically, my week will look like this:


  • breakfast : eggs / beans /greens
  • snack : protein smoothie (sun warrior, berries, flax oil, ice, greens)
  • lunch: fish / veggies
  • snack: protein smoothie (sun warrior, ice, berries, greens)
  • dinner: vegan casserole or stew (e.g. lentil and sweet potato stew) + veggie


  • monday - high volume swing workout + strength day
  • tuesday - power yoga OR functional power workout
  • wednesday - high volume swing workout + strength day
  • thursday - recovery day / power yoga
  • friday - HEAVY strength day
  • saturday - high volume swing workout
  • sunday - rest/recovery day

I'll be sure to report back with results and updates ..  Started following the program half ass the last couple of weeks to see how I felt and my favorite part is the lack of blood sugar swings!  I get hungry - but not shaky, pukey irritated hungry - and I'm not needing naps in the afternoons.

To be  continued...