San Jose Rock and Roll Half Marathon

Goal #2 for the summer

San Jose Rock and Roll Half Marathon!

I went at the training for this like my miniature pincher niece on a bowl of kibble.  I. Was. STOKED.  and used this training plan for the first month or so.

Then IT Band Tendonitis + Greater Tronchanter Bursitis =  I couldn't take a step with out my entire left hip lighting up like a a Christmas Tree.  So instead of my "long run" for the week... I did 2 miles of sprint intervals.

Bad Choice.

2 weeks off from running and a slow re-increase in mileage, and I was WAY off my training plan.  I was doing one run per week (long/easy) ... and really worried.  Despite a few weeks of frustration and struggle, I tackled my longest training run (7 miles) with a 10:40 pace and feeling amazing.

Nervous about the race day experience, I rode in with a wonderful friend/kick ass client/running inspiration and her dear friend ... who turned out to be my running buddy and the best thing since sliced bread!

Miles 1-4: Easy breezy.  Held myself to a pretty even pace and just chilled to some Jack Johnson

Miles 5-7: Ate a date for some sugah and noticed that I was lapping the pace bunny between my 30 sec walk breaks...

Miles 7-10: Umm... this is getting hard... but I'm still lapping the pace bunny despite my hip flexors' attitude problem... switched to the RIO Soundrack for some SAMBA inspiration...

Miles 10-13: OHSWEETPETER. What have I gotten myself into!? GAH!? (ate another date and clicked up to the TeCHNO/House Music portion of my playlist)

Miles 13-13.1:

Where the EFF is the finish line!?  RUN RUN RUN RUN.  ok.  around this turn.


WHAAAAT!?  ok. SPRINT SPRINT SPRINT. ok.  around THIS turn...

ohthankpeter.  *nearly run the finish line camera guy over then almost puke*

There are NO. professional pictures of my bib number.  Seriously, guys!?  I would have paid some serious $$ to have  picture of me crossing the finish line.  #fail   BUT -- there are picture of me AFTER the finish line, though, with my biggest fans!

Major fail on the post-run party front as I couldn't stomach the free beer.   But B, dad and I made good use of my $10 off at PF Chang with my race bib and I downed a GINORMOUS plate of salmon, brown rice and asparagus.  I then laid on the floor for the remainder of the day with an ice pack and a bottle (multiple bottles) of pumpkin ale.

Whenever I read about a person's fitness journey and is says they have "completed a Half Marathon" ... I get all goosebumpy for that person.  I am impressed by their prowess and commitment.

For some reason I struggle to remember that this was a BIG DEAL for me.  My brain gets nasty ... "well.  that was slow... you should have trained better ... it's no big deal... you're a trainer, it's easy for you..."   But distance running is a struggle for me, I nailed multiple distance and speed PRs along the way and came in 3 minutes UNDER my (PRE injury!) goal time.

One of the best things about blogging again has been the opportunity to look back at things like HKC and my first 1/2 Marathon and remember that those were my summer goals... and I KILLED them!  It makes me so excited about my fall/winter goals...