Summer Shenanigans ...

I had an amazing summer with some amazing friends visiting from the East Coast and the South West!   July and August tend to be slower work months as people are on vacation - so it was the perfect time to chill with my family ... both blood related and not! Carmel-by-the-Sea

My bestie from college came out with her mom and whisked me away to Carmel-by-the-Sea for a weekend in July!  We enjoyed yummy food, lots of sand and sea, and *plenty* of shopping.

We hit up Carmel for dinners, shopping and wine tasting...


Drove out to Big Sur for the day!


I totally failed on the camera front - but between the LOADS of sea glass we collected and sea food we consumed... it was a super relaxing trip.  I felt so blessed to be part of the family and really needed the R+R.


AMY vs California

It's no secret that Amy kicks ass - both jungle and urban.  And she came out to take on Cali this August!


She came. She saw. She tasted.

We went running and hiking and tasting and music listening and smoothie drinking and pool lounging and.... it was pretty much amazing.

There were veggie dogs involved.



and coffee by the freezing ass cold beach (thank you #junegloom in August...)



It was awesome to have the other half of my brain back on the same side of the country.  Now if I could juuuuust get her out here to stay...


Mom came to visit for a quick weekend in July!  It was so whirlwind that there are no pictures ... but I joined my first wine club, we ate at Cafe Gratitude at the City that is Cupertino Whole Foods and drank Pearl Tea.  Success!!

Sister Sister

SISTER CAME TO VISIT!!!  As if it wasn't enough that my college bestie and the other half of my brain came to visit... my kick ass little sister brought her tough ass self to visit!

We also hiked and pool lounged and wine tasted (seeing a theme here?) and saw an outdoor Shakespeare play that we giggled through ... Yes.  We were drinking.

We also dominated a vegetarian feast at Taste in Mediterranean in Burlingame.  My new favorite SFO-friendly restaurant!  The owner loves us.  He hugged us.  And gave us free chocolate.  I'm a sucker for a rotund greek man with big hugs and free chocolate...

Got what was probably the most beautiful day in Santa Cruz all summer!  Blue skies, beautiful water, sea lions... and bubble gum ice cream for the lady...

(is anyone else seeing a secondary theme of "food" here?  thank god the next episode is HALF MARATHON DOMINATION or my pants wouldn't fit right now...)

It was so wonderful to have people from the other pieces of my life come to experience my life here.  It was very "full circle" and left me full of gratitude for the women I love.