Well, Hello + HKC

Okee.  Here's the deal, yo :  I'm back to blogging.

MyZenPulse meets ChuteAssis = sweat, attitude and a good dose of California.  So instead of purely fitness or purely shenanigans, the twain shall meet and we shall indulge in sweaty shenanigans!  (wait... that's not right...)

Shenanigan #1 -->  HKC Santa Barbara 2011 !!

One of my goals this summer was to complete a Hardstyle Kettlebell Certification! CHECK!

I traveled to sunny Santa Barbara for three days in July to tackle HKC.

I made the trip down on Friday, getting there early enough to enjoy walking around the Santa Barbara Mission

made a quick drive by the Westmont Campus for old times sake ...


then wandered to the beach in Carpinteria as I sipped a decaf soy latte.


Got up the next morning a weeee bit nervous, but ready to swing.

  • Pre Cert Attitude: kettlebells are fun to train with.  I really should get certified ... and I don't really need RKC.
  • Post Cert Attitude: Holy Toledo! I just fit so much into my brain!  I think I need to RKC!

The workshop was much less physically demanding than I thought it would be, but I learned WAY more than I had anticipated.

All of the movements were things I already teach - but the coaching I received was outstanding.  All of the RKC instructors were knowledgeable and accessible, and the small tweaks to my form and teaching technique left me feeling prepared and empowered to tackle a killer kettlebell program for both me and my clients.


Got up the next morning and did a quick workout on the beach in Carpenteria before heading downtown for some shopping!

Next up: RKC @ San Jose State University February 2012! Details on the training process forthcoming!  HKC required a technique test + 30 sec arm hang... RKC is calling for me with 100 snatches in 5 minutes with 16 kg ... I'm currently at 50 snatches in 6 minutes at that weight...

The weekend was a nice chance to visit a beautiful city, remember that I'm stronger than I think I am, and take some time for meeeee!