Stevia Winners, Boot Camp and Needles, Oh My!

Quick post today to announce my winners and some other cool fitness stuff...


Amy and Renee - you guys get free Stevia! Just shoot me your mailing address and I'll get it over to the awesome guys and gals at NuNaturals!

Boot Camp!

Chrome Fit is running at 6-week Saturday Boot Camp in Campbell for wicked cheap!  Sign up with a friend and get 10% off.  Sign up at all and get sweaty.  It's easy, really.

Things I'm Loving

  • This quote from No Meat Athlete: "If you're worried about running into someone you know, for fear that they'll make fun of you, you're probably doing Easy pace just right."

(I'm sort of black and white with exercise.  "Balls to the Wall" or "Recovery Day".  Great for anaerobic work.  Sucky for endurance.)

  • Sweet Potatoes :  Baked.  Mashed.  Microwaved.  Coconut Buttered.
  • Xocai Nuggets. Not sure how I haven't reviewed these guys yet... but they're an anti-inflammatory, chocolate wonder.   Review forthcoming.
  • Google's Priority Inbox. "I will no longer be prey to email overwhelm" ...

What are YOU doing?

This week, I'm officially starting my 12 week 1/2 Marathon Training and seeing an awesome acupuncturist in Willow Glen!

What steps are YOU taking to make your health and fitness goals a reality?

(leave me a comment... there's on Stevia package still available... best answer gets it!)