Trainer in Training Vol 2

Rachel Cosgrove and I broke up.

More to the point... Rachel Cosgrove and my major load-bearing joints broke up.

It wasn't amicable.

Within just one week of starting her initial (easiest!) training plan, I began to experience shooting pains in my hips and knees and started to lose range of motion in my right shoulder.  And yes.  I did the warm ups.

I was also insanely fatigued, I was dreading my workouts, and taking out regular cardio was compromising my mental health.

SO!  I gladly picked up my kettlebells and started swinging away...

Bough a new pair of running shoes from an amazing business.  (Nike Zoom ... cushion-y, supportive clouds for my feet ...)

And recommitted to my fave classes in the entire world.

Sanity returned and new goals set:

Goal 1 : HKC (Hardstyle Kettlebell) Certification in Santa Barbara in July 2011 ...

  • Preparation : Busting out mayjuh snatch workouts 2x / week and working on my pull ups!

Goal 2 : San Jose Rock and Roll Half Marathon in October 2011

Goal 3 : Dont. Get. Hurt.

  • Preparation: It seems like a lot of my fitness career has been injuring + rehabbing while continuing my own training against all common sense.  This is Goal #3 but Priority #1:  Listening to my body. (Try it.  I highly recommend it.)

Peace, Love and Sweat, ya'll! I promise to blog more often...