SMART Goals - Check In #1!

Blogging about YOGA over at Chrome Fit today!

My favorite reason people have for not yoga-ing… “I’m Not Flexible”

It’s no reason at all!

Check it out!


It's past the first quarter ...

time to revisit those SMART Goals!

A few questions to ask yourself -

1.       How close are you to reaching your goal? If you're struggling, what is holding you back?

3.       What do you need to change to be sure you stay on track or get back on track?

4.       Do you need to adjust your goal or set a new one?


My SMART Goal Update :

Pull Ups

I am up to 1. 5 Dead Hang Pull Ups  … I hit a little bit of a speed bump with an injury that set me back by about a month.

(Note: Don’t “work through it” when it really really hurts.  *Practice what you preach, Anne!*)

Well on my way to 3, though, and continuing to work on lat activation and strength to rock out those 10 pull ups by the end of 2011!

What was YOUR SMART Goal and how is it coming!