Trainer in Training! Vol 1

Ok.  I spend approximately 30 hours of my week getting paid to tell people what to do.

(and I spent at least 30 more telling my husband what to do... but I don't get paid for that.)

That means - I spend approximately 15 hours of my week planning what I'll tell people to do, emailing them when to do what I told them to do and texting them when I have a sneaking suspicion they're not doing what I told them to do.

And you know what...

I just want someone to tell ME

what to do!

(I know... I know... Free Shot...)

And so - on the commendation of one Ms. Lori and the thorough review of one Great Fitness Experiment - I am following the Rachel Cosgrove Female Body Breakthrough Program for the next 10-16 weeks.

A few alterations:

1. Despite the enforced steady-state cardio hiatus, I'll continue to teach at least 1 spin class each week

(In Other Words: Interval city, spin students!  Prepare thyselves!)

2. I'm starting alllll the way at the beginning (Phase 1) - which is a smidge (WAY TOO) easy, so I'm adding in some core work, going MUCHO HEAVY on the weights and progressing the simpler exercises.

Given my medical red-shirt status for the last month, it's a great way to crack down without re-injuring.

3. I'm not testing my weight or body fat %.

Numbers wake up my Crazytown Type A Alter-Ego - so we're sticking with "how does my butt look in my jeans?" + "How many heads turn when I flex my guns?"  (wearing jeans or otherwise)

4. I skipped to Phase II in the nutrition section, so we're doing limited fruit, starchy carbs when most easily utilized and lean protein/veggies up the yin-yang.

Between you and me... I may not dial up past Phase 3 in the nutrition chapter.  It's pretty restrictive and I'm a big fan of intuitive eating/not being miserable.

I'll report back at the end of each Phase (once a month or so) and maybe a few more times in between.

Did the first workout today ... and to quote Lori... I am "pleasantly fatigued."  Legs are somewhere between jello and spaghetti but I'm energized!

What is your favorite program??