6 Simple Food Rules

So much reading to do about grocery stores and food labels and restaurant menus... oh my!  These 6 simple rules will make shopping, reading and eating much more simple.

1. Shop With a List.

Then stick to that list!  I'm pretty sure "chocolate smothered pretzel rods of death" didn't make it on to your list... therefore they shouldn't make it into your cart.

Shopping List Apps for your Smart Phone:

Grocery Gadgets * Our GroceriesGrocery IQ


2. Ingredient List:

The Fewer the Better.

Check the ingredient list for: length (shorter=better in most cases) and natural ingredients (could you find it in a normal person's kitchen)

3. Nutrition Facts:

More Protein + Fiber.

Less Sugar+ 'Bad' Fat.

Check 4 things on the Nutrition Facts.  Protein, Fiber, Sugar, Fat.  Simply stated: Load up on the first two.  Minimized the last two.   The nutrition breakdown depends on the product ... but grain products should favor fiber > sugar  and prepared food should favor protein > fat.


4. Organic Does Not

Always = Healthy.

Plenty of prepared (boxed) organic foods are loaded up with sugar, fat and sodium.  Check your nutrition facts and your ingredient list to be sure that what you're buying is a healthy choice.

5. Eat "Out of the Box"

... Literally.

Choose snacks and meals that don't come out of a box/bag/envelope.  Go for fresh, raw ingredients whenever possible!

6. Make it YOUR Menu.

Don't feel trapped by menu options - you can order a la carte/off the appetizer menu/with modifications!

Simply Put: Order your rice brown, your veggies steamed + butterless and your sauces and cheeses on the side.

Eat This.  Not That.

(AKA World's Best Restaurant LifeSaver)