Which Group Exercise Class?

Whether you are a January Joiner or a long-time members... it can be difficult to decipher the gym-speak behind the Grid of Group Exercise Classes plastered on walls and websites. Group Exercise is an awesome way to meet new friends, break a plateau or just kick start your fitness routine!

So... which Group Exercise Class is Right for YOU??

Zumba: Plan to shake it! This "easy-to-follow, Latin-inspired, calorie-burning dance fitness-party" is a high-energy choreographed dance class that will leave you sweaty and super motivated.  New to choreography?  Stand in the back of the class with a big smile and follow along!

Hate working out or love dancing? Try Zumba!  You'll forget you're even sweating.

Cross Training /Conditioning: These classes combine cardio and strength training intervals to build high-powered circuits built to burn fat and build muscle in just 60 minutes.  Plan to work.  Hard.  Start with lighter weights than you think you might need for your first class and allow yourself room to grow.

Bored with 3 set of 10? X Training is a fun way to learn ways to mix up a workout.

Boot Camp: A combination of Plyometrics, High Intensity Interval Training, Strength and Classic Cardio Conditioning  Boot Camp is a total-body smash...but doesn't have to be overly intimidating!  Check with a current attendee or poke your head into a class to get a feel for the instructor's style and take the class at your own pace.

Great if you're looking to take your fitness to the next level!

Body Pump: "The original barbell class that strengthens your entire body" - this class is pre-choreographed to music that changes every 12 weeks.   First class?  Get there early and ask another Pumper or instructor to help you set up your step, bar and weights.  Plan for high-rep, low-weight sets.

Learn to lift or get back to your roots! Squats, Lunges, Deadlifts, Chest Presses broken down step by step.

Body Sculpting: 360 Degrees of Sculpting using balls, bands, weights and your own body weight.  Each class is different and a great way to mix up your workout and build muscle

Mix it up and learn new movements!

Spinning/Group Cycle: Get. Ready. To. Sweat.  Spin classes are high-energy cycling classes that refine strength and speed conditioning on a bike that allows you to control your own resistance and RPM.   Low-impact and high-intensity, these classes are great for dropping unwanted weight, building endurance and increasing power.

Scared of Spin? Get there early and have an instructor help you set up your bike - then take the class at your own pace.  Don't be embarrassed or afraid to just sit out a song!

Yoga: From a little to a lot of flow,  yoga classes are designed to stretch and lengthen tight muscles while calming the .nervous system.  Be sure to check in and let your instructor know that you are new and might need a little extra direction or modification.

"But I'm not flexible" is not an excuse! Give yoga a chance and be gentle with your body.

Power Yoga: Plan to stretch, sweat and savasana.  With a faster flow and more advanced postures, Power Yoga is a great way to boost metabolism and build lean body mass while lengthening tight muscles.  If you are new to yoga, this will be a challenge, but most instructors offer modifications and options for beginners.

Take your yoga practice up a notch - or apply your strength workouts in a whole new way!

Something to Remember: A class may be a great fit... the instructor may not.  If you try a class that sounds ideal and really don't enjoy the style  - try a different instructor!

This is especially true with classes like boot camp, spin and yoga as they can vary in intensity and level by a LOT depending on who's teaching.