Diary of a Trainer

While I've mentioned a few goals and favorites over the past few months, very little of this blog has been about my personal fitness journey.  I figured it was high time to introduce myself and share a few personal struggles and victories as I pursue new an exciting goals! #1 : Big Guns

I jest.  But seriously.

After a severe case of over training earlier this year, I took the second half of July and all of August pretty much "off."

I married my husband, packed up our D.C. apartment, caught the cold of a lifetime and moved to sunny California in the space of about 2 months and couldn't think of a better excuse to take some time off.

And it was a great reminder of why I love to exercise and eat right!  While I did do a lot of healing... I was tired, bored and getting soft... rather than having the energy and endurance I was used to.

The last few months have been an awesome journey back to my ideal body: strong, enduring, energetic!

I started from ground zero toward the middle of September.  Over training is no fun ... and coupled with a sedentary month or two, I had lost a lot of endurance and strength.  It was a frustrating place to be - but a great opportunity to build back the right way.

It's hard to start back at "walk-jog-walk-jog" and short sets of modified "girl" push ups when I had been a race running, boot camp drill instructing machine for nearly two years.  It was humbling and taught me a lot about respecting my body.

But in 4 months I have shaved 10 minutes off my 5K since September and am up to sets of 15 "man" push ups without breaking a sweat.   VICTORIES!

I've mentioned before that my goals for 2010 include pull ups... and last week, I dropped down to a half-sized super band and for 3 sets!  (Will post on super band pull up soon.  They.  Are.  Amazing.)  Victory imminent.

I feel like an athlete again. I have honored and cared for my body with whole foods - mostly vegan - and properly progressed exercise... and it's showing!

As you start out on any new exercise program or set a new goal, whether you are  a beginner or a power athlete:

  • Count your Small Victories as Big Ones
  • Don't Ever Give Up - Even if You Want To
  • Honor Your Body