Staying Healthy Around the World!

A fellow exercise junkie and instructor and one of my best friends, Amy is staying fit in the Jungles of Honduras.   Check her out at Amy vs Wild !  This girl is an inspiration on so many levels.


As Anne’s biggest fan and loyal reader, I jumped with excitement at the opportunity to be a guest blogger while she’s receiving some much-deserved R&R!

She asked me how I’ve been able to maintain a healthy lifestyle after turning my life upside down (i.e. quitting my job and moving to the Third World to volunteer).

Amy Vs. WildIt’s true; I’m living in the Honduran jungle with unlimited access to sun, nature, and air… but no gym!

And as a former gym-rat and Zumba queen, what can a girl like me do to stay healthy?

Get Creative

To get my heart pumping, I use my resources and think outside the box!

  • Running on trails in the selva beats the “trail” setting on the treadmill.
  • Playing a pick-up game of soccer gets me moving, breathing, and makes me feel like a kid again.
  • Swimming straight into the current of a river is my own, personal swim spa.
  • I learned how to really mountain bike, raft, hike, and kayak.
  • Plus, I reserve time at least twice a week to do yoga – a very low maintenance activity.
  • And when I really miss my Group-X classes, I whip out the elastic exercise band, jump rope, and iPod Shuffle (lightweight and perfect for traveling) and get in a good sweat.

Eat from the Earth

I buy and eat what is local, fresh, and seasonal. If it grows, I’m eating it! My resources are minimal and I’ve learned different methods of cooking and not cooking (i.e. blending!).

  • I make smoothies, fresh salads, arroz y frijoles (of course!), and snack on things that energize and nourish me.
  • I also indulge every once in awhile on yummy, Honduran treats (think: donuts and coconut candy).
  • Thanks to Anne, I have wonderfully new ideas for dressings and marinades (Who needs creamy Italian and blue cheese when you have oranges, lemons, and spices?) and lots of ways to prepare vegetables.

Find a Happy Place

  • Food and exercise is only part of the equation; mental health is the other. It took time to find my groove and get my mind and body adjusted to my new circumstances.
  • I held tight and stayed positive until I could walk to the rhythm of the jungle. Everyday, I remind myself how fortunate I am to pursue passion and happiness, while continuing to actively seek it out.

Being healthy comes easy when you’re happy and taking advantage of your surroundings, even if you live in the most “abnormal” circumstances.


I can't tell you guys how much I admire this girl.  Run over to Amy vs Wild and join "TEAM AMY!" - es bueno.