Hot Ginger Lemon Detox

Posted this recipe on my personal blog a few months back but figured it was worth repeating as its one of my favorite winter drinks.

It's a great way to alkalize the body, promote happy digestion and warm up when it's chilly outside!

*add a dash of cayenne if your sinuses are stuffed up and feeling brave...

Hot Ginger Lemon Detox

  • 16 oz Water (near boiling)
  • 2 T Fresh Lemon Juice
  • 1-inch fresh ginger, thinly sliced

Steep ginger in hot lemon water for 5-8 minutes, strain and sip.   Add a teaspoon of honey to sweeten it up if you'd like, but I add extra ginger and drink it spicy!

So why does it work??


  • Alkalizing
  • Anti-Septic
  • Diuretic
  • Digestive Aid


  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • Anti-Oxidant
  • Digestive Aid
  • Relieves Nausea

Cayenne (contains Capsaicin which):

  • Promotes metabolism
  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • Anti-Bacterial