Workout Playlists

Big shout out to Sara for requesting MUSIC! New workout playlists are one of my favorite things to look forward to at the gym - can't believe I haven't posted music yet!

During your cardio sessions, listen to a song with more than 140 BPM (beats per minute) to keep you moving.

When you're lifting... listen to something that makes you feel powerful!

These workout playlists are some of my favorites!

LIFT! ... lots of energy complete with some low-heavy thumping for those heavy deadlifts.

  • Lose Yourself, Eminem
  • Oh Timbaland, Timbaland
  • Burn, Sister Machine Gun (AWESOME for deadlifts, presses... anything slow and heavy!)
  • Follow You Home, Nickelback
  • Low, Chani
  • Rude Boy, Rihanna
  • Animal, Kesha

On my iPod, this one simply says: RUN!  Self explanatory.

  • Sandstorm, DJ's of Euro Trance
  • Return the Favor, The Hives
  • Lights and Sounds, Yellowcard
  • Give me Some More, DJ Gert
  • Jai Ho! A.R. Rahman
  • Dancing with Tears in my Eyes, Kesha
  • Theme from Mortal Kombat, Utah Saints

30 Minute Stretching and Torture Foam Rolling

  • Cannonball, Damien Rice
  • Posters, Jack Johnson
  • Lack of Color, Death Cab for Cutie
  • Pitter-Pat, Erin McCarley
  • Bella's Lullaby, Stan Whitmire (Theme from Twilight)
  • Let Go, Frou Frou

I get all my MP3's from Amazon, but just search the name or artist on your favorite music site , start building your workout library and load up your iPod!

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