"My Pants are Snug" Thanksgiving De-Brief + Workout

So now that you've eaten all your leftovers in various forms ... what to do about the lethargy and "Oh god.  I have to go back to work and my pants are snug" issue?

Good reader, read on.

Thanksgiving De-Brief + Workout

1. Get back on the wagon. Come Monday (or Sunday) whether you are with family or back at home ... get back to your regular workout routine.

  • The biggest threat of the holidays is not the party splurges.  It's the "Well, I already blew it, so I might as well have another slice of pie" mentality.

2. Try this treadmill workout (or this interval workout) Running speeds are in parenthesis

  • Min 1-5:  3.0 mph @ 5% incline (5.0 mph @ 1% incline)
  • Min 6-10: 3.5 mph @ 8% incline (5.8 mph @ 3% incline)
  • Min 11-15: 3.8 mph @ 10% incline (6.0 mph @ 5% incline)
  • Min 16-20: 3.8 mph @ 8% incline (6.o mph @  1% incline)
  • Min 21-25: 4.0 mph @ 5% incline (6.2 mph @ 0% incline)
  • Min 26-30: 3.5 mph @ 10% incline (5.8 mph @ 1% incline)
  • Min 31-35: Cool Down @ 3.o mph @ 0% incline

3. Unless you actually consumed 17,500 extra calories this weekend without any extra exercise (which could be possible...) that 5 pounds showing up on your scale could be some water weight.

  • This is not an excuse to not work out.  It means: Don't freak out, toss in the towel and give up until New Year.

3. Sneakers and Water are better than coffee. If you're feeling lethargic and yucky - drink a giant glass of water (which will actually help you flush out excess water retention) and go for a walk outside.

  • All the energy.  None of the caffeine.

If you've still got leftovers, check here and here for great, healthy recipes to use up that turkey and try this full-body workout 3 days a week until Christmas to combat cookie weight!