Thanksgiving Week

We all read tips for surviving Thanksgiving Day... don't worry.  I'll post some too.

But it's Monday and Thanksgiving Week is just starting.  There are lunches and travel plans and family gatherings before that turkey even goes IN the oven!

One day of unbridled turkey and pie loving typically isn't going to break your healthy living plan.  A WEEK, however... that's another story...

1. EAT. Someone along the line (starving college student?) started "saving" their eating for the week to make room for more turkey.  Bad idea.  Starving yourself all week will a) lower your metabolism b) set you up to make poor choices on the great day.

2. Speak. From the lady at the end of the aisle in the grocery store to your Great Aunt Mildred... SOMEONE is always try to offer you a piece of pie, chips and dip, whatever.  You are allowed to say "No Thank You" if you are not hungry, not interested or just not wanting to waste daily calorie intake on crap.

3. Plan. As we pack up the kids, dog, suitcases and 6 pies into the car for a long haul, it can be really easy to eat fast food or snacks.  Pick up some pre-cut veggies, make a few sandwiches on whole wheat bread and pack nuts and fruit for snacks.  Flying or driving - you'll save money and avoid icky travel "food."

4. MOVE. Get in an extra workout - or two! - before the big day and plan an activity with family and friends for the morning of the Jones Family Turkey Extravaganza.   Burn calories.  Stoke metabolism.  Have fun.  Easy!

5. Drink. Water.  Lots of it.  If you plan to drink wine or beer... drink more.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving Week, all!