I Can't Do Yoga

At least once a week, I hear:

"I can't do yoga.  I'm not small enough...I'm not flexible... I'm not coordinated."

To that I say:

Yoga doesn't care what clothing department you shop in.

Yoga doesn't care if your hamstrings are made of steel cables.

Yoga doesn't care if you can't tell a 2-step from a waltz.

Yoga only cares if you bring yourself to the mat with an open heart.

1. Quit judging yourself. You are not inflexible or uncoordinated.  You are You.  Treasure and explore that.

2. Quit trying postures that don't belong to your practice yet. If your Tree has both feet rooted or your Downdog is more of a puppy... great!  Own your stable tree and adventurous puppy.

3. Quit being scared. Yoga requires a beautiful vulnerability, no matter how long we practice.

Once you've quit - you can start.

1. Start where you are. You are at your best in that place.

2. Start focusing your gaze on your intention. It's a much better place to look than the mirror.

3. Start doing brave yoga. Child's Pose is a gutsy move sometimes.

If it's your first time in a yoga class, the class is hard or you're just having "a day" ... start quitting then begin.