Breakfast for Breakfast Haters

Breakfast is not optional with my clients.  Busy?  Make time.  Hate breakfast?  Get creative. Unless we stoke our digestive fire first thing in the morning, we end up spending our whole day (eating) with a sluggish metabolism that never got its dose of morning goodness.

Anyone who has skipped their coffee or green tea in a rush/moment of weakness should have endless amounts of sympathy for said metabolism.

5 Quick Breakfasts for Breakfast Haters/Busy Morning-ers:

1. Hardboiled Egg and an Orange You can actually buy whole bags of hard boiled eggs at Trader Joes.  You don't even have to boil them yourself.

2. Low Fat or Soy Latte and an Apple Notice I didn't say "skim"... you'll want a little bit of fat to keep you satisfied until lunch (or second breakfast...)

3. Sprouted Grain Almond Butter Toast 1-2 slices of sprouted grain bread (TJ's has a brand MUCH cheaper than Ezekiel Bread) and a shmear of almond butter.  Protein, carbs, fat.  Make it a sandwich and eat on the go.

4. Protein Smoothie Throw a banana, 5 strawberries and 1 cup milk of your choice + Protein Powder of your choice in the blender the night before.  Get up.  Add Ice. Push "PULSE."  Pour.

5. Protein Bar Note: I did not say "cookie."  Check your sugar content vs. protein content and use your wisdom.  Get the right one, though, and you've got breakfast in your purse already!