Stand Up!

The results are in: Sitting too much actually increases your mortality rate!

(and makes you sleepy...)

Proteins in your bloodstream that distribute fat where it belongs are actually decreased by our constant need to use our butts,  leaving fat free to roam around, depositing itself in not-so-fabulous places like your arteries.

Humpday Challenge: Stand up for 10 minutes every hour.

1. On the phone? Stand up and talk.

2. Work at home? Take your laptop to the counter and type there.

3. At the coffee shop? Pick a bistro-height table and do some calf raises.

So, instead of reaching for your 3 pm Iced Coffee (with organic creamer and no sugar, right?), stand up for a few minutes!  If nothing else, it will get your blood moving, wake your brain up and wake your butt up!

(anyone else's a** fall asleep after sitting too long in a crappy desk chair?  TMI?  Sorry..)