10 Minute Simple Meditation

Seated Meditation We can't all be Elizabeth Gilbert, holed up in a cave on a cushion, meditating our way to a better self.

What we can do is a quick 10-minute-meditation first thing in the morning, on a lunch break or before bed.

It's simple, doesn't require any cushions or candles (unless you want them) and can absolutely rock your world.

10 Minute Simple Meditation

1. Find and bookmark to this meditation timer - it will be your new best friend, I promise.

2. Find yourself a comfortable spot. A chair, your couch, the floor - whatever.  Sit up tall with a supported spine and just let your hands rest on your lap.

4. Start by noticing the breath.  Just pay attention to it: the rhythm, the sound, the temperature.   Notice the air filling your nose for a few moments.  Then notice how it expands your lungs.  Then feel the belly rising and falling with the breath.  Just be present.

5. Your brain will fight this. When thoughts come up... tell yourself "thought" and then picture it floating away, going to file cabinet where you can deal with it later or whatever works for you.

6. Once you're feeling focused, do a slow body scan.  Starting at your feet, slow work your way up the body,  taking a few moments at each major joint and muscle.  If you notice tension, tell yourself "tension" and move on.

7. If you have a few minutes left, find a word that brings you joy.  With every inhale, think "I am" and with every exhale picture that word.  A few options are "I am... at Peace" or "I am... Grateful"

8. When the bell sounds, slowly open your eyes.

This short practice combines a couple meditation practices into one.  If one of those techniques resonates with you more strongly, just do one!

If at any time during the 10 minutes your mind starts to wander, try not to be frustrated.  Just tell yourself "thought" and come back to whatever it was you were doing.  The key here is gentleness and self-awareness.

Meditation is the purest form of listening... and we are conditioned to scramble for words and actions.

That is may suck, quite frankly, the first few times you do it.  You may be miserable and frustrated and anxious.  I was!

But I promise that if you keep at it, you'll see some amazing changes.