Get Motivated: Set Goals

Dead Hang Pull Up How many times have you gotten to the gym and realized you just weren't motivated to work out. SHOT.  BLAH.  A "This treadmill is a tool of satan," day.

Fitness Secret for the day: Being motivated is a crappy tool!  It is fickle!  It comes and goes like a needy college ex-lover!

How do we combat this ebb and flow and get it done?

Set S.M.A.R.T. Goals

It's easy to set a goal for weight loss, right? Vacation-is-Looming-Motivation says:  "My goal is go lose weight and get toned!"

But is that goal going to get you anywhere?

My Goal: 5 dead-hang pull ups and 3 sets of 20 full-body push ups by 2010

Let's run them past the S.M.A.R.T. test.


"Lose Weight..." This goal is, straight up, not specific.  (And adding "Lost 20#" doesn't work because it doesn't fit the other letters so go back to the drawing board.)

"5 Dead Hang Pull Ups..." There is a specific number of specific movements defined!


"Tone Up..."   There's no way to benchmark "Get Toned" and, actually, no good way to measure "Lose Weight" because body composition affects the scale as you lose fat.  Make a goal that you can count.

"3 sets of 20 Push Ups..." I can count these!  And they've already increased from last month!


"Lose Weight..." Losing weight is the result of another action.  Pick something you can DO every day.

"Pull Ups..." I go to the gym every day and do something that gets me closer to doing pull-ups, even if it's not a back day, I can strengthen my core or work on my anaerobic power.


"Lose Weight..." If  you are in the middle of the holiday season, is it realistic to expect weight loss??  (Don't EVEN try to tell me yes.)  Or is it better to set a goal of maintaining your weight and only having one Christmas cookie a day?

"Push Ups..." If I could do that many push ups in marching band (yes. don't ask.) I can definitely do them today.


"Tone Up..."  By when?  When is it over?  If there's no end point, there's little drive to get there.

"Pull Ups..." Crap! 2010 is almost over!  I had better get to the gym and start lifting!

ZenPulse Challenge!

I'm going to add an extra "A" to this goal setting tool: Accountability.

1. Choose a fitness goal for the rest of 2010 (even if it's "Drink 8 oz more water at lunch." or "Do desk yoga for 5 minutes every hour."  It's a healthy goal!)

I encourage you NOT to choose weight loss.  There are SO many more amazing things your body can do!

2. Tell someone what your goal is, email it to me or leave it in the comments if you want!

3. Write your goal down and put it where you can see it EVERY. DAY.

4. Check back in at the end of 2010 - if you've reached your goal, take yourself out for a coffee with that person... if you leave it in the comments and check back at the end of the year - I'll do a giveaway for the biggest achievement!

I told you my goal and I'll share my steps to get there and my progress over the next month... what's your S.M.A.R.T. goal!?