Travel Like Your Trainer.

Camelback Mountain

Just got back from an 8 day trip that included: 2 gym workouts, 1 stupidly challenging hike,1 bootcamp park workout, lots of walking and more kale and quinoa than you can shake a stick at.  Admirable?  Meh.  Planned?  YES.

How many times have you come back from a trip feeling run down, bloated up and just gross?  A recent email included "beached whale," I believe... a feeling that we can ALL relate to!

Un-Beach the Whale!

1. Make it an exception, not a new rule. Vacations and travel are often about making exceptions in schedule, in choices and in behavior patterns.  That's cool!  Just make sure they're exceptions and not a temporary rule.  Choose one meal to make "special" or a day to skip your workout in order to accommodate other activities.  Keep other choices following the usual "rule."

2. Get thee to bed. Your ability to make the most of your "off-the-grid" workouts and your ability to make healthful decisions, especially on the fly, is compromised when you are tired.  Go to bed at a decent time.  End of story.  Think about it.  When was the last time you really felt able to do kettlebell thrusters then choose egg whites over pancakes on 3 hours of sleep?  I rest my case.  Now rest yours.

3. Go Shopping. Hit up a grocery store (or Super Target) for a stash of apples, raw nuts and a container of quick-cooking oatmeal.  "Failing to prepare is preparing to fail."  A quick handful of almonds and a small apple has thwarted the best laid plans of any Starbucks pastry case.

4. Pack like a Gym Rat. Even if you don't think you'll use them, pack your most versatile sneakers and one set of workout clothes. No excuses!  There is always 20 minutes to get in a quick run or even a few squats in the park.  I always pack a wicking workout tank with a built-in bra.  Easy to wash.  Saves space. If you're not packed to work out, you'll end up watching King of Queens from the edge of the hotel bed for that extra half hour.  I speak from experience.

5. Mess with TSA: Carry an empty water bottle in your carry on.  Multiple reasons for this:

  • Being charged $2.50 for a water bottle after security is highway robbery.
  • It is entertaining to see a TSA agent sorely disappointed when he/she cannot, in fact, power trip you because you do not, in fact, have a liquid.
  • You will drink more water when it's available and free.

6. Go Green. Choose Real, Live, Green, Food as often as you possibly can!  Even if it's a side dish to your 16 oz porter house - it counts!  Restaurants are tough.  No doubt about it.  Do yourself, your body and your mental health a favor by choosing green foods as a meal or (at least) to accompany your meal.   Not giving up the fries?  Fine.  Order a green salad too.


I have traveled a. lot. this year. (Visit Chute Assis and scroll back to August if you want the gory details.)  It's taught me the most important lesson I've probably learned all year.

Falling off the wagon just means you get an extra glute workout jumping back on.